3 Things Guelph Medical Laser Considers When Choosing a Light and Laser Treatment

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Light and laser treatments have amazing results but can be intimidating for a first timer. Not to worry, this article will guide you in understanding the basics, and help prepare you for a consultation. To help get a better understanding of this popular treatment type; we have highlighted three key factors that you should always consider when choosing a treatment. Primary areas of concern, skin tone, and downtime should be top of mind when deciding what treatment is for you.  


At Guelph Laser Skin Centre, our staff have gained their high levels of expertise with laser skin treatments through successfully helping hundreds of patients and continually upgrading our skills through training. With our experience, we recommend laser treatments for the face and body based on our patient's unique skin type and concerns.  


A Quick Overview of Lasers and How They Work:  


The word laser stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. To better understand this, lasers produce a very narrow beam of light that is useful in targeting issues regarding tone, texture, and colouration.  


Lasers use light and heat energy to cause controlled damage to the surface of the skin – when the body reacts, new skin is created as the body begins to heal itself (aka begins producing collagen – the ultimate repairer 


With the growing advancement of light and laser technology has come a wide range of treatment types that can specifically tackle certain areas/concerns. So, let’s take a look and see if we can lead you on the path toward your perfect treatment match! 


Let’s Get Started ... What is your Primary Area of Concern? 

Look through the images below, which image represents your skin concerns the most? 



If A, B, or C represent issues you are currently seeing in your skin, you will most likely be targeting a pigmentation issue. Skin pigmentation concerns begin deep within the skin’s barrier and are often a result of increased melanin, sun exposure, scarring, and skin injuries.  


The best light and cosmetic laser treatments to attack skin issues such as red pigments, brown pigments and sun spots are non-ablative treatments. Non-ablative treatments require little to no downtime (depending on the specific treatment), address discoloration, and generally do not affect the skin’s texture.  


Some non-ablative light & laser treatments we have to offer here at Guelph Medical Laser & Skin Centre are:  



If D, E, or F represent issues you are currently seeing in your skin, you will most likely be targeting a textural issue. Skin texture concerns present themselves closer to the surface of the skin’s barrier and are often a result of dead skin cell buildup (uneven skin), your environment (pollutants), aging, and acne scarring.  


The best light and laser treatments to tackle issues such as fine lines, dull skin and rough skin are ablative treatments. Ablative treatments require a longer recovery process as they target the surface layer of the skin which results in a more dramatic recovery to the naked eye. With this longer recovery comes a more dramatic change to one's overall complexation. 


We currently do not offer any ablative light & laser treatments here at Guelph Medical Laser & Skin Centre, but an alternative option would be:  


  • Chemical Peels (This is not a light and laser treatment, but will give you a renewed skin look)  


Now that we have a better understanding of your skin concerns, let’s talk about your skin tone.  

Light and laser treatments are not a ‘one size fit’s all,’ so knowing your skin tone is crucial. 


When it comes to light and laser certain light-based treatments can be harmful to skin of colour. Lasers that are concentrated on diminishing pigment (such as some of the non-ablative treatments listed above) can be dangerous for darker tones. This is because darker tones have a higher concentration of pigment which certain lasers gravitate towards more.  

Tools like the Fitzpatrick scale help individuals like yourself identify their skin tone. This model is frequently used within our clinic as it helps assist with treatment selection. 


Try selecting a skin tone that matches your colour as close as possible, as well as identifying your skin sensitivity. This is a great place to start when identifying where you fall within the scale, but please be assured that all critical information like this will be gathered during your consultation with one of our experts. 


Last but not least, how much downtime do you have for this procedure? 

Are you looking for a lunch break treatment or can you spare 2 weeks? Time does play a role in the treatments you can select. 

As we discussed above, certain light and laser treatments vary in downtime. Some have no recovery period, and others have upward of a month. Keep in mind upcoming events, work schedules, and other possible interferences that could occur during your recovery. Keep this in mind when going into your consultation so you can communicate the time you can commit to.  


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Now that we have gone through a brief explanation on the basics of light and laser treatments it is time to take action.  

We asked our light and laser experts for one final take away when it comes to achieving the best possible results from your treatment and they said:  

“Best results will always be achieved from a series of treatments. Individuals who think they will have all their issues resolved from one treatment are misinformed and will most certainly be disappointed. Making sure the patient is pre-treated accordingly and fully understands aftercare is crucial.” 

Overall, we have just skimmed the surface of light and laser treatments. With this foundation of information, you can go forth into your consultation confidently, and know exactly what questions to come equipped with. Contact us today to book a consultation with one of our specialists to find the best laser treatment for your needs!  

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