Guelph Medical Laser & Skin Centre Answers Pressing CoolSculpting Questions

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When it comes to achieving the perfect body, everyone has their own unique goals and areas they wish to improve. Body contouring procedures, such as CoolSculpting, have gained immense popularity in recent years, as they offer a safe and effective way to target stubborn pockets of fat. 

That said, this seemingly “magical” procedure sparks many pressing questions. Which areas can be treated with CoolSculpting? Is CoolSculpting right for me? Is CoolSculpting safe? How long will the results last? 

At Guelph Medical Laser & Skin Centre, we have the answers you are looking for! 

We invite you to read further and schedule a consultation with us to address any individual questions you may still have.  

What is CoolSculpting? 

CoolSculpting is a breakthrough, non-invasive technology used for fat reduction that literally freezes away stubborn fat pockets such as belly fat and love handles. 

With a special tool, the CoolSculpting procedure targets Subcutaneous fat cells that don’t respond to traditional exercise or diet. The tool brings the body area of focus to a freezing temperature to freeze and kill the stubborn fat cells.  

Over several weeks, the body will break down these dead fat cells and they will be removed through natural bodily functions. Full results will appear about 6 months following the first treatment. On average, patients experience a 20% fat reduction in the treatment area. 

Unlike other cosmetic procedures for stubborn fat such as liposuction, CoolSculpting involves no anesthetic, surgery or downtime. It does not harm any other bodily tissue – it solely targets the fat cells in the problem area.  

Which Areas of the Body Can I Target with CoolSculpting? 

The CoolSculpting procedure can effectively freeze the fat cells in several areas of the body. Use CoolSculpting to target unwanted fat on the: 
  • Abdomen 
  • Love Handles 
  • Upper/Lower Back 
  • Inner Thighs 
  • Buttocks 
  • Outer Thighs 
  • Upper Arms 
  • Under the Chin 

By targeting the most popular areas for contouring, patients can achieve their desired aesthetic goals and improve their confidence and self-esteem. 

One of the most common areas for CoolSculpting is the abdomen. Many people struggle with excess fat in the stomach area, which can be difficult to eliminate through diet and exercise alone.  

Other popular areas for CoolSculpting are the butt and thighs. Excess fat in that region can be stubborn and resistant to diet and exercise. These areas also tend to show an uneven skin surface structure. Understandably, contouring this area of the body is becoming increasingly popular and effective. 

Excess fat in the arms can be a source of frustration for many people. With that, CoolSculpting the arms is common to reduce fat (bat wings, anyone?).  

The chin and neck are other common areas for CoolSculpting. Many people struggle with excess fat under the chin, which can create a "double chin" appearance that’s not impossible to treat with exercise.  

The back, the area around your bra line, and the waist are other areas where CoolSculpting can be beneficial and effective. Treating fat pockets in those regions is a popular option that can improve the overall shape and appearance of the back. 

Is CoolSculpting Right for Me?  

At Guelph Medical Laser & Skin Centre, we treat every patient as an individual with unique concerns and goals. With that, it is important to recognize that CoolSculpting isn’t the right solution for everyone.  

First and foremost, it is important to emphasize the fact that CoolSculpting is NOT for weight loss. Instead, CoolSculpting can target stubborn pockets of subcutaneous fat that are non-responsive to regular diet and exercise. 

Further, a qualified CoolSculpting candidate is someone who is already close to their ideal weight and wishes to use CoolSculpting as a way of sculpting those tricky areas. More specifically, we recommend that a patient is within 10-15 pounds of their desired weight. 

With a one-on-one consultation, we can determine if CoolSculpting is the right treatment for you. If you are not an ideal candidate, we will not perform the procedure because you will not receive the results you are looking for.  

Part of our expertise is being able to manage our patients' expectations and help them identify the treatments that will be worth the investment and give them the results they are seeking. Trust that we are always acting in your best interest. 

Is CoolSculpting a Safe Procedure? 

Body contouring procedures are FDA approved as safe, but only when performed by a qualified, experienced, and licensed professional.  

However, like with any medical procedure, there may be side effects such as swelling, redness, or irritation. Very rarely, a side effect called Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia can occur. This is when the targeted fat cells grow larger rather than smaller. The cause of this rare phenomenon is still unknown but it more common in male patients 

While this is an unfortunate cosmetic side effect, luckily there is no medical danger if this were to occur. It is also reversible with corrective liposuction or another surgery to remove the enlarged fat cells 

Our aestheticians will take the time during your consultation to discuss your medical history and any potential risks. 

How Long Does it take to Recover from a CoolSculpting Procedure? 

There is usually little to no downtime involved with a CoolSculpting procedure. That’s what makes these non-surgical fat removal procedures so popular.   

Patients can leave immediately after their appointment and go about their day. Should any aftercare be required, your aesthetician will inform you accordingly during your initial consultation and again at the beginning of your treatment. 

With that said, we offer a few general aftercare tips ...  

  • Take Tylenol (not ibuprofen) in the hours following the treatment should there be any discomfort. 
  • Wear compression clothing to help with any discomfort or swelling. This can also benefit the results of the treatment. 
  • Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water a day for 4 weeks to assist the body in eliminating the fat cells naturally. 
  • Avoid direct heat, such as heating pads, hot tubs, and saunas for at least 48 hours following the treatment. 
  • And of course, maintain a healthy lifestyle!  

How Long do the Results of CoolSculpting Last? 

The results of CoolSculpting procedures can be very long-lasting. However, many patients require follow-up appointments to achieve or maintain their ideal results.   

At Guelph Medical Laser & Skin Centre, we are very honest with our patients in determining a treatment plan and the required number of sessions to achieve and maintain the results they are looking for.   

In addition, healthy lifestyle choices can help sustain the results achieved by CoolSculpting. Patients can maintain their results by sticking to a healthy diet and exercise regimen. However, weight gain and aging can affect the results of CoolSculpting procedures over time. 

Try CoolSculpting at Guelph Medical Laser & Skin Centre! 

While this article may have answered some burning questions, the best way to get the insight you are looking for is by talking to an expert.   

To move towards your body goals, book a consultation at Guelph Medical Laser & Skin Centre to determine if CoolSculpting is the ideal solution for you! 

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